Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Feel the Heat

I was so excited to try this awesome new recipe. I got it from my friend Jenny on facebook and I had made a few tweaks. I cut up the red bell pepper into spears. I cut the chicken (Jenny's recipe was for turkey, but when I saw the price was over $5.00 a lb, no thank you, I will stick with my chicken) into thin sections and then salted them and sprinkled them with fajita seasoning and then pounded the heck out of them with the butt of my knife (perhaps I should invest in a meat mallet?). I place the spears in the center and roll them up in the chicken. I turn around to move the frying pan with oil back onto the hot burner (it was starting to smoke earlier and so I moved it partly off) when I felt the MOST extreme heat I have EVER felt. OH MY GOODNESS. My hand is on FIRE! But how can that be, I think, I didn't even touch anything! I can't have seriously burned my hand on RADIANT heat from an electrical burner! I quickly place my hand under running water. I don't yell when I get hurt, I like hold it in until my blood vessels are about to explode. Adam notices something is a little different in the kitchen and asks if I'm okay. I think about it. Am I? I've burned myself often, but the worst of it could maybe be considered a first degree burn. This feels worse. . . A LOT WORSE. WAY WAY WORSE! So I try to convey this to Adam but I'm not sure how, so I just keep responding to his question of "Are you okay?" with the word "No." And I actually manage to run my hand under cool water AND get dinner in the oven (actually I alternate between the two activities). I sear the chicken rolls in the heated olive oil on all sides and then put them in the oven heated to 350 degrees (for those of you who are gleaning the recipe from this post) When the chicken is cooked I eat with Adam and a wet towel resting on my now blistered burn. Later Adam gets me some Aloe Vera sunburn gel and though it helps, I still suffer a couple of hours while we watch Biggest Loser. I continue to apply the gel every time it starts to hurt again. Probably every 5 minutes or so. Thankfully, my advil kicks in right as the show is ending so I easily fall asleep at 10pm.

Wednesday I wake up and remember the burn on my hand. It doesn't hurt at all, I can only feel it if I think about it. However, I don't have a lot of gauze or band-aids to hold it on with (I don't have any medical tape, so I just did what I could) so to spare my bandage I shower with that hand it the air. I can do everything but wash my hair. Well, I probably could if I had time, but I don't. I value my sleep too much. So once I'm out of the shower I no longer have to worry about the bandage getting wet and I can do my hair and makeup using both hands.

Later that day at school I have to use the bathroom. Its right before the last period of the day so I hurry to make it back before my students arrive. As I go to wash my hands I forget about the bandage and I stick both hands into the water. Oh well, I think. Probably needed to be changed and I have a first aid kit in my classroom with all necessary equipment. So I rip off the bandage and FREAK OUT. Why is my burn blister GREEN!?!?!?! That has got to be a bad thing. Oh wait, aloe vera gel. I didn't wash it off my 23 applications of it last night before bandaging my hand.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


I like to have a plan. I like to know what to expect. I like being home at a certain hour. Heck, I just like being home. Most of all I don't like letting people down, and with my scattered brain that happens easily when I abandon my plan. So I struggle with being spontaneous. It seems like its such a value in our society, to be able to change plans on a whim. Its not something that comes easy to me. Two summers ago my brother and cousin asked me to go with them to Twin Falls for the temple open house up there. On a whim I said yes. I was so proud of myself that I was being spontaneous and really living life. It felt great (even being pulled over for speeding wasn't too bad). That is, until I got a phone call. "Hi Kim, its Gerry. I'm at the school for our meeting. Hopefully you're just running late. See you soon." AH! I had a meeting with a teacher I worked with. She was going to train me on how to run our student officer training meeting. The joy I previously felt turned into a sick feeling in the bottom of my stomach. No, spontaneity is not part of my personality. Too often, for my scattered brain, it came at a price.

Still I continue to make a few spontaneous decisions in my life. I think even the most boring human on earth will have a few spontaneous moments. Sometimes I regret them (most often) and sometimes they turn out alright (rarely). Last night was one of the great victories for spontaneity.

Not being able to have lunch together, my brother and I decide to change our plans to dinner that night. And, he adds, if you want you could come to the concert with us as well. "Us" includes him, his girlfriend Martha, and her sister and brother-in-law. I tell him that I will think about it. And I do. I ask Adam. And like always he puts the choice right back on me. So I finally do the spontaneous thing to do and buy our concert tickets. When Adam gets home we drive down for dinner. We are late by 20 minutes and I start to have my panic attack. Its going to be bad I can feel it. This night is not going to go smoothly. But when we get to Olive Garden they have only just been seated, and we're really not that late at all. Andrew and Martha have to go home for their tickets, but by the time they get to the concert they have only missed two songs played by the opening act. And we have good spots in this tiny little venue, which can be difficult to secure. And the show was amazing. And the night when totally smoothly. And it was super fun to be out with my brother and my husband and some friends. And I suddenly realized to myself, during the last two songs of the evening, that I had been able to be spontaneous and not freak out. Victory!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm making a poster for my room!

Today my principal was talking about making Bingham the school of choice. Making Bingham the best looking option in the area. And so he said "If we don't make us attractive, we won't be attractive." I might be taking it out of context a little, but that's my new poster for my Fashion classroom!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

I wish I was cool

I wish I was cool and had a great idea for a blog. I don't. I just write random things and none of them tie together. I don't want to journal life, I just want to share funny insights. But. . . its only mediocre and lacks any real meaning or context. And that's okay with me for now. If I come up with a great idea for a blog maybe I will start a new one. I love to write. I would really love to make a living by writing. That just doesn't seem to be the direction life is taking me right now. In the mean time, let me announce my husband's really awesome idea for a blog. It combines his passion for golf with his love for sharing with others.

Deseret Golf
Here you can read reviews of all the golf courses in Utah. Or at least you'll be able to once he's written about them all. Adam's goal is to play all the courses in Utah and he has made a considerable dent in that list. How many golf courses do you think you've played here in Utah Adam? 70? Wow, that is impressive. So even if he doesn't go golfing for a year and a half, he will have plenty to talk about on his awesome new blog concept. No where else will you be able to find such a comprehensive look at the golf courses available in Utah, which are some of the most beautiful courses in the world, not to mention affordable. Just think, a year and a half ago I didn't know anything about golf! And now, thanks to my husband, I am an expert (golf cart driver)!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two in one day? What can I say, I feel the need to share the mundane moments of my life.

Just a few semi-interesting things:

1. While walking into Harmon's yesterday I saw a lady walk in wearing leather chaps. I tried to speed up so I could follow her to see what she was going to buy, but she was too fast for me.

2. I was listening to the song Midnight Train by Gladys Knight in the car, and it reminded me of this awesome video!

3. I got to roll down the window in my car today and feel the cool breeze blow through my hair.

4. Yesterday I got this huge burst of energy and cleaned my whole house like crazy. Its so sanitary in there its INSANE.

That's all for now. . .

And the winner is. . .

Adam Thomas! Did you know that the contests offered on the radio and internet are won consistently by a very small percentage of people? At least that is my hypothesis after being with Adam for almost a year and a half. Here is why: In order to win these contests you have to ENTER them. And I think most people, like myself, just don't bother. So its the same small group of people that keep winning over and over again. I read about contests all the time on blogs and I never bother to take five seconds to enter. I hear radio contests all the time on my way to work and even when I know the answer I never pick up the phone to call. Adam does these things ALL THE TIME! So far he has won tickets to see Star Wars in concert (Very cool!) and circus tickets (which he gave to his brothers) and last night we got to enjoy his latest prize: Free dinner at the grand opening of SmashBurger in Draper!!!
SOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo yummy. We got dinner for four, so we were joined by Adam's mom and brother. We had a great time eating our yummy burgers and fries and shakes. Such a great night, I really needed some fun in my life!!