Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Final Post!

Hey followers!!! So this is my final post on this blog. I never really had a good concept for this blog and was never really passionate about it. So will you all do me a favor???? Will you pretty pretty please follow my new design blog? Okay, if its totally not your thing, you don't have to. But I'm SUPER excited about it and about all the fun projects/ideas I'm going to blog about. So, adios! And see you soon!!

Friday, February 18, 2011


So I am super hungry and completely helpless to do anything about it. First I considered using my quarters to buy a doughnut at the school store during lunch. But then I remembered my quarters were in my car, and I didn't drive to work today. I have no money in my wallet, except for a few pennies. Then I thought of going to Arctic Circle to get a shake, but again, no car. I don't think there is anyone here at school that would take checks, but if they did I would STILL be out of luck because I ran out of checks last month! I won't be in control of my own destiny until 4pm this afternoon when Adam picks me up at Patti's house and even then he probably wont let me get food because we need to get on the road to Lancaster! He will probably make me eat an apple or a string cheese, because that is what he brought for road trip snacks! Obviously I am only hungry for junk food. I haven't felt this helpless since. . . like before I could drive. :(

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm a Teacher. Please don't idolize me.

Warning: This is a little bit of a rant. But its something that has bothered me for a long time. Please know that I am referring only to myself, I don't mean to put down any teacher who goes above and beyond for their students. :)

So maybe its guilt or maybe its selfishness, but I don't like to be grouped into the "teachers should be nominated for sainthood" group. When I see people posting on facebook or sending emails about all the thankless work teachers do, I would just rather be left out of that sentiment. I go to work at 7am. I work really hard while I'm there. I hope that every other person who has a job works hard while they're at work. I work hard because I want to be good at what I do (and I think I am) and I work hard so that I can accomplish every thing I need to by 3pm. It took a few years of spending some extra time after school working on lesson plans and grading and what not. But I quickly learned how to grade more efficiently, plan more effectively and organize my self so that I only needed to take one or two trips to the main office each day. Now into my fourth year, my lessons are planned two weeks in advance, my grades are completely caught up and my classroom is more organized and clean than it has ever been. At night I don't grade papers or do lesson plans. I cook dinner, I clean my house, I hang out with my husband and I read books. When I meet students from BYU that are working towards becoming FACS teachers (Family and Consumer Science, the new name for Home Ec) they ask what I think is most important to be a good teacher (this must be a question they are required to ask because it comes up each semester when I meet with them). I tell them that I think the most important thing is to separate your life and your job. Being a teacher is my JOB. I feel good about myself when I excel, I really cherish the awards I've received. But I know my limits as a person and when I need to quit and do something for me, you better believe I do it. I have learned to keep all my work at school, I no longer take any grading home for any reason. I'll stay longer at school if I absolutely have to, but its very important to me that my home be a sanctuary where I can remember my favorite things (cooking and watching TV!!) and forget about my job. It keeps me sane and happy and fresh so I can be the best at what I do. I'm just a normal person working hard to be good at my job. I really don't do anything special that makes me more deserving of praise than any other hard working person on this planet. So next time you get an email about the hard work or late nights teachers put in, you can say a little prayer of thanks for them, but please remember to omit my name. :)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

This Day is Bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

If you like the green bananas you are definitely the fortunate family member. Adam has to hope that some of the bananas will turn yellowish brown before I have eaten them all in their green deliciousness. Doesn't happen very often!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Today I was eating my lunch next to the preschool, like I do every other day (usually). A mom and her son came looking for Gerry, the lady I work with and was eating lunch with. While the mom was asking Gerry about bringing a dog in for show and tell, the little boy was staring at me eating my lunch. When I pulled out my string cheese he didn't miss a beat. "Can I have a small piece?" What the??? I don't think small children should be accepting food from strangers, let alone ASKING for it. I said no, because I need food to feed the baby in my belly. He looked at my stomach in fear and said, "How did you get a baby in there? Did you eat it or swallow it?" Ha ha ha!! That's what happened to the last kid who asked for a piece of my string cheese! (Dang I wish I would have thought of that line earlier!)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Michael J, Patron Saint of Halloween

Is there a person that has ever lived that was more of a Halloween icon than Michael Jackson? Lets look at the facts:

He dressed in costume almost every day of his life.
He didn't even need a mask to have a scary face.
His song Thriller is a Halloween song that we listen to all year round.
A lot of his other songs also make great Halloween songs: Billy Jean, Dirty Diana, Smooth Criminal, Beat It, and Bad, just to name a few.

Just know that wherever you are tonight, somewhere Michael Jackson is looking down on us and wishing you a Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 10, 2010


To celebrate the Halloween season, here is a list of things I am afraid of, in no particular order.

  • I'm afraid I'll forget how to cook by the time I feel good enough to cook again.
  • I'm afraid of men in gorilla suits. Any psych majors want to help me out with this one?
  • I'm afraid I wont ever fit into my wedding dinner dress. Not so much a fear about my size, as its about how much I really really love that dress!
  • I'm afraid of haunted forests, haunted houses, haunted corn mazes and the fact that Adam might force me to go again this year.
  • I'm afraid that is a fight he is going to lose. That isn't so much a fear, as it is a fact stated like I have a southern accent.
  • I was afraid of losing my job last march and now I'm afraid of not getting to quit.
Well that's all! Happy Halloween season everyone! (Idea for next post: celebration of Michael Jackson, the patron saint of Halloween)