Thursday, February 18, 2010

An Under-Appreciated Duo

I am a huge lover of oldies songs. The Beatles are my favorite band. There are a lot of oldies that are universally recognized as being great. Most of my friends, family and students would agree that the Beatles are a pretty awesome band. However there is a duo that I think is not recognized as much as they should be. Seals and Crofts.

Creepy looking? Yes. But their vocals are AMAZING. They are so soothing. They're not driving music. They're not cleaning music. On a cool spring evening when its finally warm enough to open your window, the breeze is blowing in, you're all alone cooking dinner for your husband when he comes home and you're listening to the beauty that is Seals and Crofts. Maybe its because it reminds me of my childhood, but their music wraps me up in a blanket of notes and I just feel safe.

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