Sunday, April 26, 2009

Do You Want to Know a Secret

I am terrified of people in masks. Okay, so maybe its not that big of a secret! Yesterday we were at the Bee's Baseball game (a AAA Minor league team in case you were wondering) in the IKEA Suite. It was AWESOME. So we're sitting safe in our warm box watching the game and Adam points down to the mascot and asks me if I'm afraid of him. Well, no, not from this distance. A glass of water and a soda later I have to go to the bathroom so I ask the two cheerleaders that have come into our box if they know where it is. They tell me and I leave. When I return, the cheerleaders have been joined by a camera man AND. . . Bumble, the Bee mascot! In a very tiny room!! I look in, the Bee has his back to me, Adam takes one look at my face and bursts in to laughter. I couldn't decide what to do. Turn and run? Eventually I have the courage to walk quickly but quietly to Adam and make me protect me from this tall scary masked person. I don't understand this fear! I know it doesn't make ANY SENSE. It doesn't matter. So I try to be quiet as I say "Just hug me," to Adam. I know that if I make any noise it will turn its attention to me and that is the LAST thing I want. Adam says, "Look Kim, see, its just a man." And then Bumble hugs us. I'm still clinging to Adam for dear life. The Bee walks away, I let go. A few second later it gives me a paper that says: "Don't bee scared, I only sting on Thursdays. Bumble" The camera man films the IKEA room and it goes on the big screen. The cheerleaders and Bumble show off the beautiful IKEA kitchen in the suite and then they are gone. Later Adam points out Bumble back down on the field. "Are you afraid?" Well, no, not from this distance.

Monday, April 20, 2009

In the Summertime

I have spring fever WAY bad. I want school to be out! Just 7 more weeks. . . So I was thinking of all the fun things I'm going (or want) to do this summer:

1. Family Reunion in Palm Desert
2. Summer Conference at BYU (not so much fun, but I'm excited its at BYU!!)
3. Kenny Chesney concert July 23
4. Camping
5. ProStart Training for a week in August!
6. Living with Tiffanie!!! Finally I'll get to see her more than once a week for 5 minutes!
7. Swimming! So much my hair turns green!
8. Getting tan (with the help of the sun and my sunless tanner)
9. Growing my herb garden! Last year was a failure, but I have high hopes for this year!!
10. Eating salad! I love salad, but especially in the summer. Even better when you get produce from a farmer's market!!!

Oh man! I'm so excited!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sugar, Sugar

What you are about to hear is a true story. Last night after we had eaten dinner and dessert, Adam and I were watching the CMA's and he got up and went into the kitchen. He started rummaging around in the cupboards, so I asked him if he was still hungry. "I'm just craving some licorice." "Licorice?" "Yeah." "Oh," I said, "here, I have some in my purse." Yep, I had a whole pack of licorice in my purse and he had no idea. I have expected him to wish for a million dollars next. "A million dollars? Oh, here, I have that in my purse." :)