Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Band of Gold

We recently had the chance to go up to Idaho and see our great friends Tiffanie and James get married in the Idaho Falls Temple. I guess we just waited outside, but it was still really awesome to get to share this day with them. This may be strange, but for me it was a day filled with many different smells, so I will document the day with all the different scents we experienced.

1. The shower in the Pinecrest Inn smelled very strongly of sulfur. I almost couldn't finish shaving my legs, but I held my breath and made it through!

2. Next for us was a stop to Reed's Dairy for some famous chocolate milk (made with potato flakes!) The smell there was the farm-ish smell of cows. Would this day be full of insulting smells??

3. Armed with our milk and some cheap doughnuts we headed to the temple to wait out side to see the beautiful bride and groom. As Adam walked in front of me I could smell his wonderful cologne. MMMMmmmmmm.

4. Soon it was off to Blackfoot to finish setting up for the luncheon. We walked into the Stake Center and I realized it doesn't matter where you are, an LDS Stake Center is always going to smell like an LDS Stake Center. Why is that?

5. In between the luncheon and reception we had 3 hours to kill. One of the activities we decided to do was bowling at the alley right next to the church. Just like the Stake Center, the bowling alley had the same smell you get in almost all bowling alleys! We had a fun time and I was totally oblivious to the truckers checking me out. Adam wasn't. :)

6. After staying at the reception for almost an hour we were headed back home. The last distinguishable smell of the evening was the smell of cut grass as we drove through farm after farm making our way back to Utah and Salt Lake.

Thanks to Tiffanie and James and their family for a wonderful day and so many great ideas for my own wedding!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight

Probably you all wonder what I've been doing this past couple of months. . . Who am I kidding? Probably not! But here it is anyway:

1. Zion's Canyon with the Thomas family for four days. This included some walks, hikes and a 20 mile bike ride that kicked my trash.

2. A couple days of rest which I should have used to pack my apartment.

3. A three day conference at BYU where I learned the latest about Fashion and Interior Design requirements in the state of Utah and took a full day cooking course from Chef John Johnson (who said I had amazing eyes but criticized my choice in footwear)

4. Left straight from that conference (picked Adam up in a Wal Mart parking lot first) and drove all the way to Palm Desert. Arrived at about 2am California time. We had a great time in Palm Desert with my family. We hiked, we went to the temple, we went to a water park and of course we golfed!

5. Leaving Palm Desert we drove to my home town of Lancaster. We went bowling on Saturday, church on Sunday and Six Flags Magic Mountain on Monday. We drove back to Salt Lake with Kellie on Tuesday.

6. Adam and I drove to Rexburg and back in one day to take Kellie back to her apartment.

7. I moved in four days from my apartment to my friend Jacquelynn's basement.

8. I picked out my ring! Its so awesome.

And that about brings us up to date on my summer so far. Why do I feel like its going WAY TO FAST???