Friday, May 22, 2009

Kind of a Drag

I felt bad for just breaking down last night. I just felt I was to a point where I couldn't live like this any more. My house was a mess, my car was dirty, my bedroom was filled with dirty clothes, my classroom was trashed and I felt so sleep deprived. I felt like I was working all day long and never finding time to get my chores done (it doesn't help that I've had full Saturdays with no time to clean for the past three weeks now) With no clean serene area to escape to its easy to have an emotional break down. So today I just took some time to clean off my desk here at work. It was so cluttered it was almost imaginable. Just that small thing has made all the difference! Now I have a clean workspace, I can get my work done quickly, I can be back at home sooner and I can get started on my disaster of a living area. Life is really not that bad. :)

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Sometimes I feel like its two steps forward, one step back with my hair. An awesome hair cut can grow out to be annoying and a sub-par hair cut can grow out to be awesome. Now I don't mean to imply that any of my wonderful hair dressers have ever given me a bad hair cut. From California to Las Vegas, from Draper to Sugar House, all of the well trained hair dressers I have entrusted with my tresses have done a wonderful job giving me what I wanted. But maybe what thought I wanted wasn't so great after all. Confused?

I just saw an old picture of me. I want my long hair back!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Solitary Man

So about a month ago, probably around General Conference, we had quite a bit of rain. I noticed that some ducks from the pond at my apartment complex had taken to swimming in the puddle behind my car. Even after the rain stopped these two ducks were always near my apartment. One day I realized that they were in love. One was a beautiful male and one was a plain smaller female. (Side note: How glad I am to be human where the woman gets to be the pretty one!!) My theory is that they were so in love they just wanted to spend some time alone from the rest of the group. Every day we would see them and so Adam named them, Harry and Sue, two ducks in love. One day I was driving and I saw that a duck had been hit by a car and was on the side of the road. There are so many ducks that live in the pond by my apartment. I didn't even think that it could have been one of my ducks. The next day I saw Harry. Without Sue. Ever since I saw that duck on the side of the road Harry has been alone. So now I know it was Sue. Harry still hangs around my place and Adam and I say hi when we see him. Its just such a heart break to see him lose his true love.

This is not actually a picture of Harry, but it looks a lot like him.