Monday, September 27, 2010


For me, marriage was never about not being alone. I didn't mind being alone. Friday nights were totally awesome if I had a date, or if I just watched a chick flick and did my toe nails.

Marriage wasn't about security. I had my own car, my own job, and my own apartment (okay, I shared with a roommate. . . ), I think I was pretty secure.

Marriage wasn't about passion, I think I was living just fine without it.

No, marriage wasn't about filling a void. I loved my life. I would only get married because it was so great it would be nice to share. I would only get married if I found a person that complimented me for who I was.

How did I know Adam was the perfect guy for me? A lot ways really, but I think it was driven home to me the other night. Adam was reading the scriptures to me. 2 Nephi 19 to be exact. When he came to vs 6 he paused. And he didn't have to tell me why he paused. I knew! He paused so I could sing it!! Because I wouldn't have focused on another word if I didn't get it out of my system!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Thought for the Day

It doesn't matter what you have on underneath (even if it is a pair of shorts) you look like an idiot walking around school with pants around your ankles.